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Huntress Talent

Introducing Huntress Talent, a female owned, boutique technical recruiting firm. 

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Committed to excellence, Huntress Talent is the go-to solution for your recruitment needs in the changing landscape of the market. 

At Huntress Talent, we're on a mission to transform technical recruiting with a fresh approach. As a proud female-founded, award winning firm, we're dedicated to breaking barriers and finding you incredible talent. 

Our goal is simple: to connect you with the perfect candidates who not only possess the technical prowess you seek but also align seamlessly with your company culture. We understand that the right fit goes beyond skill sets, and we're here to ensure you find the right match that sparks excitement and propels your business forward.

We proactively seek out exceptional talent from all backgrounds. By actively nurturing relationships and expanding our network, we're able to attract a wide range of engineering talent ready to make an impact.

Through our refreshing approach to recruitment, we go beyond the usual metrics and truly understand your unique needs and aspirations. We're not just recruiters; we're your partners in growth and are committed to connecting you to the absolute best technology professionals in the world. 

Join us at Huntress Talent as we embark on an exciting journey to redefine the landscape of recruiting. Let's build a future where endless possibilities are unlocked, and together, we'll create a thriving ecosystem of exceptional talent, innovation, and unparalleled success. Get ready to take your business to new heights with our team by your side!


Practice Areas

Huntress Talent focuses on helping organizations to recruit top talent through direct hire positions, permanent placements and contracting roles. We find the right candidates – while also managing the entire hiring process from start to finish, including screening resumes and conducting interviews.

Meet the Hunters

Photo of CEO Danielle Dorman

Founder and CEO: Danielle Dorman

Danielle Dorman founded Huntress Talent in 2015. Danielle brings her unique expertise to technical recruiting world. Her background consists of over a decade of in house talent acquisition for Digital Ocean, Scholastic Inc., and Horizon Media. Today, Huntress' supports prestigious clients including: Citadel Securities, Scholastic Inc, Grafana Labs, & EBY Inc. 

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Technical Sourcing Team

The Technical Sourcing team works to identify and hire top-tier candidates for highly technical and specialized engineering roles. The team has over 40 years of experience in the field and is the head hunters focused on meeting your companies individual needs. 

Huntress Talent

Pricing Packages


HR Consulting

HR Consulting services brought to you by PeopleProp, Founder, Pamela Zuravansky, MS, Columbia University. 

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Talent Acquisition

Huntress Talent works off of a per hire pricing model under which organizations only have to pay the fee once we have closed the vacancy. This model is based on a percentage of the annual salary of the candidate. Our percentage ranges from 18-25%. The 25% fee is modeled for Engineering roles. 

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Fractional Recruitment and HR Options

Find the perfect fit with multiple plan options and add-ons. One Low Monthly Payment. Pay one low price each month. Cancel at any time. Options range from $2,500-$10,000 / month depending on project scope and hours needed. 


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Citadel Securities

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